June 22, 2018

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A little get to know me and my editing process...

March 15, 2018

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A little get to know me and my editing process...

March 15, 2018

So this is a post of two parts. The first, a little inside look at how I edit, my workspace and my new favourite bit of kit thats going to help me with that. The second which will come later, the way I feel about retouching and why i'm changing my approach to it.


This won't be too tech heavy, so if you are thinking of booking me for a shoot this is a great way to get to know what happens between our shoot and you getting your images! That said, if you are a fellow creative it would be great to hear about how you edit and your feelings towards the topic too! Either way...lets get a conversation started! 


So here is the view from my desk chair. This is my little workspace, next to a window with lots of natural light and of course, an ever important cup of coffee! Having a nice workspace is so important to me to be able to focus and get really into the editing process (not pictured is my iPad which I usually have running 1000000 episodes of a Netflix series while I work!)

So the shoot ends, I head home, and the images are uploaded to my Mac where I spend a good amount of time pouring over all the images from the day and narrowing it down to the best of the bunch. This can take hours upon hours depending on how many images are shot on the day, and its a hugely important part of the shoot that the client almost never gets to see! It's usually one of the most time consuming parts of my editing process but over the years I've become pretty good at being brutal with myself on which images to keep and which to discard.

I use adobe Lightroom for almost all of my editing and selection process. I used to use photoshop a lot more, and in part two of this post I'll talk more about why I'm moving away from this and taking a more stripped back approach to my editing....but thats a story for another time!


Back to the editing! So I've recently got myself a lovely bit of equipment which has totally upgraded my editing, the Loupe Deck...

It essentially looks a little bit like a keyboard/mixing deck, and works in partnership with Lightroom to make editing more precise, quicker and to be honest...a lot more fun! Each button/slider has its own job and some are customisable which I've found particularly helpful. I won't rattle on too much about the details, but if you do want to know more of the in depth details about the kit head over to their website


With this I can make any adjustments to the crop, lighting and colours of my images before I send them out to clients either on USB or online. Again this process can take some time as this is the part where the images not only have to look great independently but also collectively look good together, so they tell a story and look like one lovely set.


Then the most nerve-wracking part of course...sending the images off to the client! It doesn't matter how many years I've been working as a Photographer I still get butterflies of nerves and excitement when I send images off, but I think that's a good thing! It means I care about making sure the person I'm photographing loves their images as much as I do! I think we all like to pretend we are super confident all the time, but creative people put so much of themselves into their work, so when a client responds to say they love their images...that feeling will never get old! 


I should mention that I'm heading to The Photography Show in Birmingham in March this year to rep Loupe deck with some other very cool photographers, Luke Holroyd, Elly Lucas, Daniel Richardson, so if any of you are attending please drop me a message and come and say hello on the day! I'll be there for the full event March 17th-21st!

So there we have it! A little look at what happens when I get home from my shoot and tie myself to my desk for the following few days! For some photographers, editing might not be their favourite part of the process, but I really do love it! Slippers on, cup of coffee on the go, and the chance to see all of the images from the day come to life!

I'm going to talk in my next blog about how my editing process has matured and changed over the last year or so and my personal feelings on retouching. It's a tricky subject and it is being recognised and talked about so much in the media these days in relation to wellbeing on social media and the curse of comparison when it comes to self image...so I'll be hitting on that as well as looking at why I'm choosing to relax my own approach to my retouching.


I'd love to hear peoples opinions about editing, both from photographers and models and also from those not involved in the industry so please get in touch!


And if you are at The Photography Show this weekend come say hello! 


Stay Tuned for that!






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