Feeling refreshed and raring to go...

We are halfway through 2016. I don't know how it has gone so quickly, but it got me thinking about what I have done with my year so far and what I want to do for the remaining months.

Back in the new year I wrote a blog post all about my resolutions which you can read over here.

Having re-read my post I'm happy that I have made progress on a few points...expanding my kit and moving out of my comfort zone. My first purchase of the year was my 85mm lens which has become a firm favourite in my kit and I photographed my first solo wedding this year, with the second on its way next month!

I am however left a little disappointed with myself about the resolutions that have been pushed to the sidelines...

"1. Don't just have ideas...shoot them!

Far too often I look at my Pinterest page and see fun, beautiful looking mood boards...that have never actually come to life. Sometimes ideas get pushed around, other things come up, and then the moment passes and the idea is forgotten. Not this year!"

Sadly I have found myself still with a huge number of shoots I haven't completed that are still just ideas and inspirations in my head.

"4. Choose...and begin...a long term project

I have been saying for far too long that I want to begin a personal project that I can carry out over a series of time...likely to be around the 6-12 month mark. I have a few ideas circulating...but now I want to choose one and get into action!"

Again, sadly although I am still very much interested in doing this I have had so many ideas and I have pushed them to the back of my mind to focus on other things.

It has been a little quiet for me over the last few weeks after I decided to take some time out in June to reflect on my goals, rest up and enjoy some personal time. Working full time and freelance can be exhausting, and even the things you love can become a little too much sometimes, which is why I wanted to step back and rethink...recharge the batteries and start again,

I was so excited to have some time free...but like most creative people I know...that excitement lasted all of a few days (if not hours) before I was itching to get back to it! Having looked at my new years goals and realised I still have work to do (and plenty of time to do it) I am kicking off the second part of 2016 by focussing on these resolutions!

I am going to be casting models for creative fashion shoots and tests over the coming weeks and all of my moodboards can be found on Pinterest HERE specifically I am looking for teams to be involved in editorial shoots...makeup artists, designers & stylists

I will also be posting details about my long term project in the next week or so...I will be looking for people to test the ideas out with before I go ahead and the project will not require any modelling experience and there will be no requirements for size, height, age or aesthetics so if anyone is interested in hearing more and testing the shoot first please get in touch <3


Thats all my news for now...I will be back in full swing in the coming weeks shooting and posting as much as possible! Please get in touch if you are interested in working together!