They say never work with children or animals...

So its been a while since I wrote a blog. Actually its been a while since I updated my website at all! Its all for good reasons though, Ive been busy in the last month or so working on various projects and preparing myself for the new year (when did it become almost the end of 2016?!?!)

Recently I was contacted by model Kennedy Elise who was looking to work on a fashion/beauty shoot with a twist, it would be inspired by, and feature, her pet Chameleon Tom! It turns out Kennedy is actually an experienced reptile keeper with numerous beautiful and interesting animals in her care! I couldn't resist the opportunity to work these with two striking models so I had to get involved!

Kennedy was clear from the start that she wanted the shoot to be a collaborative effort...and it absolutely was! After many many pinterest shares, group chats and looking for ideas we all settled on the final look. Everyone involved got creative and shared their ideas, and so when we all met at the studio last Sunday it was so exciting to get stuck in!

Our creative team included our model Kennedy, hair stylist Jessica Ford, Makeup artist Nikita Panesar and one of my favourite designers Darecca @ Dazarockz. We all agreed to use the bold colours and patterns of the Chameleon to inspire the looks on the shoot, from the styling to the makeup. What came then was a mixture of bold colours, structures, colourful makeup and big hair!

I decided to use a mixture of different coloured backdrops to clash with the styling, coloured gel lighting and to top it off I wanted to experiment with shooting through objects to create more colour and depth. After a few trials I settled on a floral garland, held in front of the lens in various positions and using different colours each time. You'll have to wait for the final shots to see how it came out...but within the behind the scenes shots below is a ridiculous photo of me sat on the floor with my flowers on my camera. Goes to show that sometimes things that make you look a bit silly get the results you want!

I didn't manage to get any behind the scenes shots in between shooting and looking after Tom between sets, but Darecca has kindly shared a few of her snaps for me to use! 

Check them out below! I can't wait to share the final images, but for now follow me on snapchat @enbemily and instagram @enbphoto for sneak peeks and behind the scenes shots from shoots!

And as for never working with children or animals...well as far as this little guy goes...animals are fine by me! I fell in love with our friend on the shoot and have so much respect for the care and time that goes into keeping beautiful creatures such as Tom. He wasn't just a prop in the shoot, he was a wonderful part of the day. Always remember to treat animals with the same care, respect and safety you would anybody else in your team if working with them on shoots <3