New Year, Same Me, New Goals....

I'm not much of a New Years Resolutions sort of person. I know that they start out with good intentions...and by February I've practically forgotten them! This year however, I'm going to set myself some photography related challenges. So here goes nothing...

1. Don't just have ideas...shoot them!

Far too often I look at my Pinterest page and see fun, beautiful looking mood boards...that have never actually come to life. Sometimes ideas get pushed around, other things come up, and then the moment passes and the idea is forgotten. Not this year!

(For anyone interested you can find me on Pinterest HERE!)

2. Use my social media MORE often and MORE effectively

It isn't that I'm unaware of how to do this...but far too often it slips through the cracks. My poor Facebook page has seen better days and my twitter....don't get me started on my twitter! Instagram is my only solace...and even then I'm sure I can be much more disciplined! 

3. Expand my kit...and my creative horizons 

At the moment I work with three lenses and a variety of lighting kit...but I know that there is much more that I don't use and should. I want to not only expand my own personal kit (this one is very much dependant on what my crying bank account will allow!) but to practice more creative uses of lighting and lenses! Get out of my comfort zone more often!

4. Choose...and begin...a long term project

I have been saying for far too long that I want to begin a personal project that I can carry out over a series of time...likely to be around the 6-12 month mark. I have a few ideas circulating...but now I want to choose one and get into action!

For now I think that will do...progress reports to follow!

Until are some behind the scenes shots from last months beauty editorial shoot with fabulous makeup artist Jessica Auty and model Simone @ Nemesis Agency that I haven't shared on my blog yet. I loved this shoot, and actually I used a lighting set up I hadn't worked with in a long I got a bit of a jump on number 3! 

Anybody interested in working with me please get in touch, I will be working with some test dates in January and February and they will be the last ones for a while!