Bewitched | Portrait shoot

Not so long ago I was contacted to work on an exciting portrait shoot which appealed to me because of how different and interesting it was going to be...

Joanne Hope, a lovely Psychic Consultant who is currently revamping her online presence, wanted a portrait shoot to promote herself and her business...and I just couldn't have said no!

Firstly, what a wonderful woman to work with! She brought with her a huge amount of props and set decorations from her home and office, I fell in love with all of the beautiful Crystals, books and candles. We settled on a glamorous but bewitching hair and makeup look, created by makeup artist Beckie Stirk.

What I love about working on portrait shoots is that it connects you to so many different people with fascinating personalities, talents and backgrounds. The images end up being reflection of all of these things. In this particular shoot we found that a good way to get relaxed, natural images was to have Joanne actually give one of the team a palm reading during the shoot. Bringing our model into her comfort zone meant that the photoshoot felt more familiar and relaxed, and we all had so much fun!

I'm looking to do more portrait shoots this year, and I'm offering discounted rates for shoots booked in February and anybody interested get in touch! Promo shoots for artists, families, couples and new faces all welcome!

Email me at for more information!

In the meantime check out some quick shots below of the beautiful props and sets we had to work on...