Body Beautiful | Fashion Shoot

Last month I had the pleasure of working with a fabulous team of ladies including plus size model Elizabeth Crawford (check her out here) and makeup artist Lily Belle (check her out here). 

The aim of the shoot was to achieve sleek editorial style images with beautiful pieces of lingerie provided by Malice Clothing. If you missed my earlier blog post about our inspiration and behind the scenes looks at the shoot check it out here (link here)

There has been a lot of talk recently about body shapes and sizes in the fashion industry, especially as it is fashion week season. Bodies have never been talked about so much, but it is with a new sense of purpose and positivity. As a female photographer, I feel like I have a responsibility to represent beauty in all its forms and that is why I was so happy to be working with Elizabeth, who is a strong and beautiful representation of beauty and body positivity.

Elizabeth recently talked online about how proud she was to include the term Plus in her modelling name, a post you can see on her Facebook page here. I think its fabulous to embrace ourselves and our own individual beauty. The important thing to remember is that all bodies are beautiful, we are all individuals and we come in all sorts of forms. Fashion needs to represent that! And I personally will be making sure that I remember that and try to represent that in my work as much as I possibly can!

Check out our final images below...