Troubleshooter | Location shoots

In the last few weeks I have worked on some great location shoots that I have been meaning to blog about for a while now! Working on location can be awesome, but sometimes testing, and both shoots weren't without their I thought I might share a little insight into the hilarious, and sometimes highly irritating, things that can go wrong! Enjoy!

The Weather

The first shoot I worked on was a few weeks ago, an editorial with a great team consisting of makeup artist Beckie Stirk, model Emma Olivia & stylist Leila Ali. Our last shoot together "The Clash" was great fun and was published with Noctis Magazine online, so I was very excited to get together again...

"The Clash" editorial 

"The Clash" editorial 

Leila did an incredible job on the sourcing of both the styling and locations, she found some great places to shoot at Clarence Dock, Leeds. The only downfall was that the date we chose happened to be the same day that the thunderstorms decided to descend! However we were un-deterred and decided to try and work around it. After the first few shots outside the rain began, but fortunately there were some amazing people around who let us use their events spaces and cafe's to continue shooting. 

Behind the scenes at Clarence Dock

Behind the scenes at Clarence Dock

The weather was so bizzare, one minute it was very bright and sunny, the next it was clouded over and raining, which meant constantly battling with my camera to keep any continuity in the shoot. It was all about creating shade, bouncing light and manipulating shadows! The weather didn't dampen our spirits though and I can't wait to share the final images!


On the same shoot, before the rain had time to get us worried, we actually got stopped by the security guard at the location, who informed us we couldn't shoot. None of us had thought that this would be an issue given that is is a largely public space, but perhaps we should have checked! In the end the issues were resolved and we were allowed permission to carry on photographing...but it is always worth checking before hand! Something we will definitely remember for future...

Behind the scenes at The Corn Exchange

Behind the scenes at The Corn Exchange


I worked on a shoot this week with leeds based label "Adorned Clothing" on some look book images over at The Corn Exchange. It is such a beautiful and historical location in Leeds that I was really looking forward to this one, and permission was already secured. However it is possible we could have done with some more security!

One thing to remember on location is that there is often going to be people who want to watch...and you don't get to choose your audience members. We had some issues with one man who was taking photos...both of the shoot and then attempting to shoot the model from out of my view. When we asked him to stop as it was making us uncomfortable he became very agitated. Luckily we had our own security in the form of the designers lovely partner who dealt with the situation...but its always good to remember that these things can and will happen so be prepared for it! Just because your location was quiet when you scouted it, doesn't mean it will be on the day of the shoot!

The light

Often a lot to do with the can be bright one minute and dull the next. This one was especially interesting when working in The Corn Exchange as the natural light source is the beautiful ornate ceiling, the whole place looks like a greenhouse.

Our stunning location for the "Adorned Clothing" lookbook shoot

Our stunning location for the "Adorned Clothing" lookbook shoot

Bouncing light was VERY important here or there would have been far too much shadow on the models face, and the images would not have worked. We also had to choose a spot in the building that had a lot of light and still worked for the look book, which was no easy task! 

The good news...

Working on location for me has always been a pleasure, the things that can work against you sometimes are the things that take the shoot from good to great, and make the day more challenging but also more enjoyable! It is always good to be pushed to try new things and get a bit creative! The studio is my comfort zone now, but I started out only ever shooting on location since I had no access to a studio, and it has been wonderful getting back to those roots!

The final images from both shoots with be shared soon! Follow me on instagram @enbphoto for more behind the scenes, sneak peeks and new images!