A look behind the scenes...

At my recent shoot with model and dancer Billie Hannah I decided to take a few video clips so that I could put together a short behind the scenes look at the shoot...

We were very tight on time, and as the images were the priority, I didn't manage to get a lot of footage, so this is just a short teaser for the shoot! Check it out below:

The final images will be ready soon, but in the mean time check out my previous blog post about the shoot here!

I'm feeling fired up for some creative tests over the next month or so, anybody interested in working together I'm looking for new faces, agency standard models, makeup artists and designers to collaborate with! Get in touch at info@enbphotography.co.uk




Kicking off 2017

2017 is finally starting to kick in for me. After a few weeks resting up after New Year I'm getting back into the swing of things. My "Karma Chameleon" editorial was published as a cover story with Surreal Beauty Magazine which was a lovely start to the week as the whole team worked so hard to collaborate on those images!

This weekend I worked with another kick ass team of ladies on an alternative ballet inspired fashion shoot. Rather than being in the studio, we got out on location and rented a space from The Dance Studio Leeds. The space itself was fantastic, with lots of natural light, mirrors and ballet bars, which was perfect for what we needed!

It was important that we had a model who is an actual dancer for this shoot (we all remember what happened when Kendall Jenner modelled as a dancer last year!) so we got in touch with Billie Hannah, a tattooed professional dancer and fire performer in Leeds. Her look met up with the styling of the shoot perfectly!

Some of the inspiration for the shoot on Pinterest @enbphoto

Some of the inspiration for the shoot on Pinterest @enbphoto

Despite a 7am makeup start, which meant some of our team had their alarms set for 4am to account for travel time, everything came together well! Our makeup artist, Samantha Lyann, created two stunning looks. One soft, glowing look to contrast with the dark and dramatic styling, and the other a darker and slightly gothic smoked out eye and lip. Hair stylist Jessica Ford combined soft loose curls with textured braids and accessories to set the whole look off perfectly. 

To see more behind the scenes videos and images follow me on Instagram @enbphoto

Next week I'll be shooting with blogger and personal stylist Anna Mewes so stay posted!


2016 in photographs...

What to say about 2016...

It's been a crazy year, I've had some amazing opportunities and been involved in some wonderful events and shoots. It's easy sometimes to forget the positives in a year where there have been so many negatives that have been portrayed in the media and online, but its important to remember the best moments of your year. 

For me, one of my highlights has been my first steps into wedding photography. Since I started planning my own wedding I've become a little obsessed with all things wedding based. This year I got to photograph two beautiful weddings solo, a traditional family orientated Jewish wedding in Leeds and a relaxed, fun and rustic wedding in Barnsley. I also worked alongside Olivia Whittaker second shooting two weddings, an elegant and emotional hotel wedding and a halloween themed alternative wedding on a boat!

Below are some of my favourite shots...

I've also had the chance to work on some great fashion, portrait and beauty shoots this year with some brilliant teams. There were a few familiar faces, and some new, and I had a chance to work alongside some of my favourite creatives and bloggers!

I also got the chance this year to go to London Fashion Weekend as part of the Canon team to shoot the catwalk which was a great experience and something completely different for me! 

I got to work with the talented students at YAFTA and Mind The Gap again this year on their acting headshots, and I also photographed Joanne Hope, a wonderful woman and a full time Psychic. I couldn't have worked with a more varied but brilliant bunch of people!

Last but certainly not least I've been to visit some beautiful places this year too. I often take hundreds of travel photos and when I get back I get so busy I never edit them. I visited Norway this year, and saw all of the amazing views it had to offer. From modern architecture in Oslo, we took a 7 hour train ride, a ferry and two busses up to the breathtaking nature at Pulpit Rock. I plan on doing much more travel photography this year as I'm heading to the big lights of New York City and there are plans to visit the stunning natural wonders of Iceland...so keep posted!

So now on to the new year...what will it have in store?

So far I've got several shoots booked in to work with the fabulous folk at YAFTA again, a very exciting editorial shoot with one of my favourite designers and a new face, trips to beautiful countries and I've got a few wedding booked in already which I am so so excited about. I'm also getting married myself in September which is the most exciting of all, though I'm quite nervous about being the one on the other side of the camera for once!

If you would like to get in touch for bookings my diary is now open for 2017 and I will be taking bookings all year with the exception of September. Email me at info@enbphotography or using the contact form on the website.

Now lets bring on 2017!

They say never work with children or animals...

So its been a while since I wrote a blog. Actually its been a while since I updated my website at all! Its all for good reasons though, Ive been busy in the last month or so working on various projects and preparing myself for the new year (when did it become almost the end of 2016?!?!)

Recently I was contacted by model Kennedy Elise who was looking to work on a fashion/beauty shoot with a twist, it would be inspired by, and feature, her pet Chameleon Tom! It turns out Kennedy is actually an experienced reptile keeper with numerous beautiful and interesting animals in her care! I couldn't resist the opportunity to work these with two striking models so I had to get involved!

Kennedy was clear from the start that she wanted the shoot to be a collaborative effort...and it absolutely was! After many many pinterest shares, group chats and looking for ideas we all settled on the final look. Everyone involved got creative and shared their ideas, and so when we all met at the studio last Sunday it was so exciting to get stuck in!

Our creative team included our model Kennedy, hair stylist Jessica Ford, Makeup artist Nikita Panesar and one of my favourite designers Darecca @ Dazarockz. We all agreed to use the bold colours and patterns of the Chameleon to inspire the looks on the shoot, from the styling to the makeup. What came then was a mixture of bold colours, structures, colourful makeup and big hair!

I decided to use a mixture of different coloured backdrops to clash with the styling, coloured gel lighting and to top it off I wanted to experiment with shooting through objects to create more colour and depth. After a few trials I settled on a floral garland, held in front of the lens in various positions and using different colours each time. You'll have to wait for the final shots to see how it came out...but within the behind the scenes shots below is a ridiculous photo of me sat on the floor with my flowers on my camera. Goes to show that sometimes things that make you look a bit silly get the results you want!

I didn't manage to get any behind the scenes shots in between shooting and looking after Tom between sets, but Darecca has kindly shared a few of her snaps for me to use! 

Check them out below! I can't wait to share the final images, but for now follow me on snapchat @enbemily and instagram @enbphoto for sneak peeks and behind the scenes shots from shoots!

And as for never working with children or animals...well as far as this little guy goes...animals are fine by me! I fell in love with our friend on the shoot and have so much respect for the care and time that goes into keeping beautiful creatures such as Tom. He wasn't just a prop in the shoot, he was a wonderful part of the day. Always remember to treat animals with the same care, respect and safety you would anybody else in your team if working with them on shoots <3

Behind the scenes with Emma Louise Makeup Studios...

Yesterday I got to shoot with one of my favourite makeup artists, Emma Louise Bartlam, to create promotional images for her new makeup studio in Leeds. I haven't had a chance to shoot beauty in a while now and I was stoked to be involved in the day!

Taylor and Meg from Nemesis Model Management gave us their beautiful faces for the day, and Emma created four looks to represent some of her favourite and most popular looks and trends in beauty...Hollywood Glamour, 90's, Creative Editorial & Glitter Lips. We also had one of the studios resident hair stylists, Jess, on hand to work on the hair styling for the shoot. Finally our team was completed by my good friend Gillian Weatherly who assisted the shoot, kept us all fully caffeinated and managed my social media for the day! Big thanks to the whole team who were all super talented!

I can't wait to start retouching these images and putting together our quick behind the scenes video to share! In the meantime here are a few quick behind the scenes snaps from the shoot!


If you haven't already, check out Emma's makeup studio, if you are local to leeds and need a makeup lesson, fancy some occasion makeup or are looking for a bridal makeup artist give her a shout!

Stay tuned for final images!




Turning the camera around...

So its fair to say that I'm not a person who enjoys having their photograph taken. In fact I would go as far as to say I very much dislike having my photograph taken!

Being somebody who has photographed other people for years now means I thought I would have figured out how to be able to have a photograph of myself look decent...but not so much. I love photographing other people, especially other women, and seeing all of differences in peoples features and faces that make them beautiful. As a 25 year old (relatively) sensible woman I would have hoped that by this point in my life I would have learned to accept my features as my own and yet there are still so many things I dislike about myself that I love about others!

Tonight I thought I might take a few self portraits. Nothing fancy, just a simple set up with a beauty dish and a backdrop at home. I just wanted to have a play around with photographing myself and seeing how it feels to be on the other side of the camera, and in a very small way experience how other people feel! Being a photographer for me isn't just about creating a great shot, its about the ability to make people enjoy the moment and feel great about themselves! 

Firstly...I did not enjoy this experience to begin with! It was nerve wrecking and all I could see were all the things I didn't like. However, once I started to have fun with it...I actually enjoyed it! I very rarely take photo's of myself other than the odd snapchat or cheeky selfie so I'm going to try and be a little more adventurous with my self portraits in the future (since this was very spur of the moment late this evening). But I'm actually quite happy with how some of the photographs came out! 

My point is...everyone could benefit from a little confidence boost every now and again! So next time you think your makeup looks on point, or you love your outfit, or you wake up and think "you know what...I don't look too bad today" take a photo and remember that moment! 

In September & October I'm going to be expanding my portrait portfolio and offering heavily discounted rates for shoots with couples, families and those of you looking for your own little confidence boost! Anybody interested in booking please get in touch And keep an eye on my social media pages for more details!

Feeling refreshed and raring to go...

We are halfway through 2016. I don't know how it has gone so quickly, but it got me thinking about what I have done with my year so far and what I want to do for the remaining months.

Back in the new year I wrote a blog post all about my resolutions which you can read over here.

Having re-read my post I'm happy that I have made progress on a few points...expanding my kit and moving out of my comfort zone. My first purchase of the year was my 85mm lens which has become a firm favourite in my kit and I photographed my first solo wedding this year, with the second on its way next month!

I am however left a little disappointed with myself about the resolutions that have been pushed to the sidelines...

"1. Don't just have ideas...shoot them!

Far too often I look at my Pinterest page and see fun, beautiful looking mood boards...that have never actually come to life. Sometimes ideas get pushed around, other things come up, and then the moment passes and the idea is forgotten. Not this year!"

Sadly I have found myself still with a huge number of shoots I haven't completed that are still just ideas and inspirations in my head.

"4. Choose...and begin...a long term project

I have been saying for far too long that I want to begin a personal project that I can carry out over a series of time...likely to be around the 6-12 month mark. I have a few ideas circulating...but now I want to choose one and get into action!"

Again, sadly although I am still very much interested in doing this I have had so many ideas and I have pushed them to the back of my mind to focus on other things.

It has been a little quiet for me over the last few weeks after I decided to take some time out in June to reflect on my goals, rest up and enjoy some personal time. Working full time and freelance can be exhausting, and even the things you love can become a little too much sometimes, which is why I wanted to step back and rethink...recharge the batteries and start again,

I was so excited to have some time free...but like most creative people I know...that excitement lasted all of a few days (if not hours) before I was itching to get back to it! Having looked at my new years goals and realised I still have work to do (and plenty of time to do it) I am kicking off the second part of 2016 by focussing on these resolutions!

I am going to be casting models for creative fashion shoots and tests over the coming weeks and all of my moodboards can be found on Pinterest HERE specifically I am looking for teams to be involved in editorial shoots...makeup artists, designers & stylists

I will also be posting details about my long term project in the next week or so...I will be looking for people to test the ideas out with before I go ahead and the project will not require any modelling experience and there will be no requirements for size, height, age or aesthetics so if anyone is interested in hearing more and testing the shoot first please get in touch <3


Thats all my news for now...I will be back in full swing in the coming weeks shooting and posting as much as possible! Please get in touch if you are interested in working together!

"Lets go down to the Tennis Court..."

"...and talk it up like yeah" - Lourde - Tennis Court

Not too long ago I got asked to collaborate with Alice May Armitage on her final project for University shooting her collection that she would be designing and styling.

The look was eclectic, a mix of fabrics and colours that combined sports luxe with a barbie-esque aesthetic. The outfits were bold and feminine and were shot against the backdrop of the Tennis Court to reinforce the sport element of the styling. Our makeup artist, Becky Rogers, then created a look for each model including some pretty impressive glitter brows which I am desperately trying to find a time to try out myself! 

The shoot location was indoors and there was little no no access to electrics for lighting which meant getting creative with reflectors and lens choices. In the end the set was shot using almost all available light and my trusty Canon 85mm 1.8 lens.

It was the first time in a while that I had been out on location with a team and I had so much fun working with all of the talented ladies! Big love to our models Vicky Burns & Atlanta McBride and another big thank you to Alice for asking me to be involved!

Stay tuned for my next blog!



Charlotte & Anthony | 10.04.16

I had the pleasure last month of photographing my first solo wedding for a lovely couple in Leeds, Charlotte and Anthony. 

Charlotte is a lucky lady indeed as her sister is a makeup artist! Being able to see the bride having her hair done at Head First salon, and having her stunning fresh flower crown delivered, was wonderful. It is so lovely to see the transformation and witness the day from beginning to end. Just look at those sparkles on the dress! 

Charlotte and Anthony had a beautiful, personal and family orientated ceremony at their local Synangogue, Beth Hamidrash Hagadol. The ceremony was followed by a beautiful reception featuring a very delicious afternoon tea and traditional singing & dancing. I wanted to take a minute to share some of my favourite moments from the day!

I want to say a huge thank you again to Charlotte, Anthony and their family for having me there! They couldn't have been more of a joy to work with!


Recently I seem to have slipped on the blogging front...I have been keeping busy but almost so much so that I haven't had time between to write about it!

I've been working on a variety of different shoots in the last month or so. Portraits, headshots, fashion shoots and even a beautiful wedding (more to come from these over the next few weeks). Most recently, this week I got to work with one of my favourite designers Dazarockz on the look book shoot for her latest collection.

I always love working with these talented ladies, and this week was no different. The collection was full of bold prints, monochrome colour ways and cool silhouettes. Our model, Jes Fox, embodied the collection and had the perfect attitude for the shots we needed. The aesthetic needed to be sleek, show off the garments and represent the brand.

I had far too much fun working on this, there were plenty of giggles and a lot of dancing between takes as you can see here! Sometimes the "outtake" shots are my favourite because they show how much of a laugh it can be on set...it would have been rude not to include this one!!


Of course for the most part we kept it professional and Jes kept it fierce! I can't wait to release all of the images but for now, check out this cheeky look at the shoot. For more behind the scenes shots and video footage follow me on instagram @enbphoto & on snapchat @enbemily...

Model & Makeup - Jes Fox

Designer & Styling - Dazarockz

Photography & Retouching - Emily Bailey @ ENBPhotography

London Fashion Weekend | Canon UK

A few weeks ago I was delighted to be chosen through a competition I entered with Wex Photographic, alongside a fabulous group of Photographers, to photograph London Fashion Weekend in association with Canon Uk.

The day started with a quick presentation by UK commercial & editorial photographer Paul Cunningham, and a briefing from the Canon UK team at the beautiful Sloane Club in Chelsea. We then all packed up our gear and headed to the gorgeous venue, The Saachi Gallery, to photograph two runway shows.

The first runway showcased Holly Fulton's latest collection, a combination of bold prints, embodied details and a bright colour scheme. The second was a trend orientated show, combining the best of designer and high street pieces to show how to style this years trends such as spring florals and 'Americana'.

Here are some of my favourite shots from before the runway began, and the shows themselves...

Kicking off 2016 | Fashion shoot

On Saturday I shot my first fashion shoot of the year...at the top of 400 steps in the great outdoors. It was wonderful to blow the cobwebs and get out onto location! 

It was also the perfect opportunity to test out my new Canon 85mm 1.8 lens which I treated myself to this month after writing my new year blog where I mentioned expanding my kit as one of my goals for 2016. Being that it isn't a zoom lens, the shoot ended up being a messy one! To be able to get the perfect shots I ended up climbing halfway down muddy hills, steadying myself on rocks, sitting in puddles...all in a standard days work for a photographer! It was all worth it though!

Shoot in numbers:

400 steps up to our highest point on location

6 members of the team who braved the cold

6 pairs of very muddy shoes

3 amazing custom outfits by Dazarockz

2 very near falls

1 very resilient model


I have to say a big thank you to everyone who came along to be a part of the shoot and those who came to help out. Darecca from Dazarockz created some beautiful custom pieces for the shoot, Beckie Stirk worked her magic on hair and makeup and our beautiful model Ella McNeil was amazing at taking the distance and temperature in her stride and was a true professional! A big thank you to Ella's mum and our good friend Simon who both helped carry all of the equipment and keep the shoot moving, without those extra hands we wold have been stuck!

I want to get out on location a lot more this year and re-haul my portfolio. Any models and makeup artists who are looking to test please get in contact at info@enbphotography.co.uk if you are interested in arranging a shoot!

For now the final images from this shoot are under wraps...follow me on instagram for more behind the scenes shots from this shoot and more @enbphoto




Bewitched | Portrait shoot

Not so long ago I was contacted to work on an exciting portrait shoot which appealed to me because of how different and interesting it was going to be...

Joanne Hope, a lovely Psychic Consultant who is currently revamping her online presence, wanted a portrait shoot to promote herself and her business...and I just couldn't have said no!

Firstly, what a wonderful woman to work with! She brought with her a huge amount of props and set decorations from her home and office, I fell in love with all of the beautiful Crystals, books and candles. We settled on a glamorous but bewitching hair and makeup look, created by makeup artist Beckie Stirk.

What I love about working on portrait shoots is that it connects you to so many different people with fascinating personalities, talents and backgrounds. The images end up being reflection of all of these things. In this particular shoot we found that a good way to get relaxed, natural images was to have Joanne actually give one of the team a palm reading during the shoot. Bringing our model into her comfort zone meant that the photoshoot felt more familiar and relaxed, and we all had so much fun!

I'm looking to do more portrait shoots this year, and I'm offering discounted rates for shoots booked in February and March...so anybody interested get in touch! Promo shoots for artists, families, couples and new faces all welcome!

Email me at info@enbphotography.co.uk for more information!

In the meantime check out some quick shots below of the beautiful props and sets we had to work on...





New Year, Same Me, New Goals....

I'm not much of a New Years Resolutions sort of person. I know that they start out with good intentions...and by February I've practically forgotten them! This year however, I'm going to set myself some photography related challenges. So here goes nothing...

1. Don't just have ideas...shoot them!

Far too often I look at my Pinterest page and see fun, beautiful looking mood boards...that have never actually come to life. Sometimes ideas get pushed around, other things come up, and then the moment passes and the idea is forgotten. Not this year!

(For anyone interested you can find me on Pinterest HERE!)

2. Use my social media MORE often and MORE effectively

It isn't that I'm unaware of how to do this...but far too often it slips through the cracks. My poor Facebook page has seen better days and my twitter....don't get me started on my twitter! Instagram is my only solace...and even then I'm sure I can be much more disciplined! 

3. Expand my kit...and my creative horizons 

At the moment I work with three lenses and a variety of lighting kit...but I know that there is much more that I don't use and should. I want to not only expand my own personal kit (this one is very much dependant on what my crying bank account will allow!) but to practice more creative uses of lighting and lenses! Get out of my comfort zone more often!

4. Choose...and begin...a long term project

I have been saying for far too long that I want to begin a personal project that I can carry out over a series of time...likely to be around the 6-12 month mark. I have a few ideas circulating...but now I want to choose one and get into action!

For now I think that will do...progress reports to follow!

Until then...here are some behind the scenes shots from last months beauty editorial shoot with fabulous makeup artist Jessica Auty and model Simone @ Nemesis Agency that I haven't shared on my blog yet. I loved this shoot, and actually I used a lighting set up I hadn't worked with in a long time...so I got a bit of a jump on number 3! 

Anybody interested in working with me please get in touch, I will be working with some test dates in January and February and they will be the last ones for a while!



Electric | Editorial Shoot

A few weeks ago I worked on a look book shoot for Leeds designer Dazarockz with model Jes Fox, and once we had completed the collection shoot, we decided to have a little fun and style some editorial shots with the rest of our time in the studio!

You can check out the behind the scenes blog HERE

The theme we went for was very strong, almost warrior-esque both with the styling and the poses. We wanted to shoot something a little darker, and it was a true collaboration! You can check out some of the final images below...

Stay posted for the images from the look book shoot! I can't wait to share them as the collection was so beautiful!!



Party Time | Editorial shoot

A few weeks ago I worked on a very fun shoot with some very talented ladies, and since I've been away on holiday, I haven't yet had a chance to share any of the images!

I have wanted to shoot a party themed editorial for a while, who wouldn't! It was way too much fun! There were sparkles, glitter, balloons, disco balls, faux fur and more! Samantha created a stunning hair and makeup look that had the whole team swooning! Our beautiful model Shazia brought her absolute A-Game and didn't flinch while we threw all sorts of ridiculous props at her while she was posing! The clothes, of course, were to die for, and for anyone who wants a few awesome party pieces you can find the brand over on Asos Marketplace HERE and I promise you will not be disappointed! 

Here is a cheeky look behind the scenes of our editorial shoot...I can't wait to be able to share the final images!

Model - Shazia Parveen

Makeup Artist - Samantha Lyann

Clothing - Skip The SweetTalk 

Styling - Lou Marie Wheatcroft 

Stay posted for final images coming soon!



Dazarockz | Lookbook & editorial shoot

I always love working with Dazarockz. Leeds based independent brand of kick ass clothing, the collections are always a nightmare to shoot...but only because I come away desperately wanting most of the pieces!

Dazarockz have recruited model Jes Fox as the face of their brand and having worked with her several times before I knew this would be a great shoot! The collection was a combination of relaxed silhouettes, two pieces and brilliant prints and I came away having already ordered two pieces! 

Once we shot the lookbook for the new collection, and with a bit of time to spare, we styled some existing pieces and shot some editorial images, which I couldn't be happier with! Think tough girl aesthetics and a whole lot of hair whipping! Images to come soon!

In the meantime check out some of the behind the scenes shots from the day below, thank you to Dazarockz for snapping the instagram shots below, follow us all on instagram for more shots from the day! @enbphoto @dazarockz @jesfoxofficial

Keep your eyes peeled for the final shots soon!



Acting out | Headshot shoot

This halloween I wasn't doing anything spooky, instead I spent my day with 18 fabulous actors from YAFTA acting school and agency based in and around Yorkshire. I have been working with them for a while now shooting head shots with their newest talents and it is always an absolute pleasure. One of my favourite parts of being a photographer is all of the different personalities I get to meet and getting to know so many talented people! The 31st was no different!

It is wonderful to be able to meet and photograph such a vast variation of people in one day, all different ages, genders and backgrounds. I took 2000+ shots and had a really tough time narrowing them down for final selection, but I can't wait to get them sent out this weekend!

I will be posting some of my favourite shots in due course. In the meantime though I thought I might share this fun lighting test shot which tickled me slightly. In the midst of all the hype surrounding "Spectre" I thought this had a distinctive feel of Bond to it!

Actor Andrew Wakefield @ YAFTA

Anyone interested in booking a headshot session before the end of the year will receive a 25% discount so get in touch!

So what else am I up to? Later this week I will be working with awesome designer Dazarockz and Leeds model Jes Fox on some look book and editorial shots, so keep an eye out on instagram (@enbphoto) for behind the scenes videos and shots tomorrow! Behind the scenes blog will follow next week!



Colour Me Beautiful | A new adventure

This year I have spent quite a lot of time working on more commercial image making and it is something I have thoroughly enjoyed. The most prevalent part of this has been in my working with a fabulous company called Colour Me Beautiful.

Based in London, they work across the UK with colour consultants and personal stylists helping them to train to reach their full potential and carry the brand within their work. They provide services such as personal styling, wardrobe makeovers, makeup lessons and showing you what colours perfectly work for you (something I am now very much interested in after a lifetime of wearing black!)

Throughout 2015 I have worked closely with the company shooting images for their new website as they have been undergoing some rebranding. This has included a product shoot, two days shooting in Huddersfield, a day shooting in London at their training seminar and a final day shooting in London at their annual conference. So fair to say I feel like part of the family now!

The aim of all the shoots was to create a light, airy and fun image, to show how great it is to be a part of the team, or of course to enjoy the services as a customer. I have to say that during my time working with all of the fabulous ladies who work as consultants I met some beautiful, talented and colourful characters and I didn't stop smiling the whole way through shooting! 

I have found myself quite inspired by the team to even try and get some colour into my own wardrobe, and with all the hardwork that they all do, it has reminded me that with enthusiasm and some elbow grease, working as a creative can not only be possible, but super rewarding!

I am very happy with the outcome, and pleased to say that they are now live on the Colour Me Beautiful website which is available here for anyone interested: www.colourmebeautiful.co.uk 

The shots are also now live on my commercial portfolio which you can find on the left of the blog, here are a few images from our time working together this year to give you an idea of what we have been upto though! 



Adorned Clothing | Lookbook Shoot

Recently I have been working with a few brands on revamping and/or building their branding within the fashion industry. I worked with a fabulous leeds based brand recently called "Adorned Clothing". Having shot their first look book for their website a short while ago, it was lovely to hear from them again to shoot for their Asos Marketplace page. We had makeup artist Camille Scott on board and beautiful model Nicole Hinchely working with us on the day, if you missed my behind the scenes blog about the shoot check it out here.

The two shoots couldn't be more different in terms of location and lighting. Our first shoot was shot in the studio, was quite highly produced and very slick and the second was shot on location with natural lighting and was kept with minimal post production. In addition to the images of the outfits we also shot some images that have been used as their main branding shots using some beautiful roses which you can see below. It was such a pleasure to work with Adorned to further their branding and I'm sure we will all be hearing much more about them soon!

Check out some of our final images from our shoot in the Corn Exchange below, and for anyone interested in looking at Adorned Clothing's beautiful garments they can be found here at ASOS Marketplace.