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Leeds based fashion, beauty and events photographer...

I have always had a strong passion for the arts, growing up with a performing arts background has meant that dance, music and clothing has always been an influence on me. When I was 16 I began my journey in Photography, and I've never looked back since...

I strive to create images which show off the beauty of the individual, and find the way that fashion can transform a personality, or express individuality, completely fascinating. I am influenced by portraiture and making a connection with the subject. I find a lot of inspiration in pop culture, from music to motion picture, and I find that collaborating with creative teams makes my photo shoots come to life...

My work ranges from model testing and portraits, to look books and advertising images to editorial fashion. I put my complete energy and love into every project. I currently work from my studio in Leeds, UK, though I also travel to work on projects throughout the country.  

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